Private Helicopter "Add-On" Certificate

Airplane Pilots who already hold Private, Commercial, ATP or CFI Certificates in fixed-wing aircraft can earn what's called an "Add-On" Rating in a helicopter. Those pilots are NOT required to take the FAA Private Helicopter written exam and the minimum number of total required dual training hours is reduced. Call or E-Mail with your questions about this or other ratings. Note: You can begin flight training in the helicopter TODAY! There are NO prior airplane experience requirements before you can begin dual instruction in the helicopter.

Private Pilot - "Add-On" Helicopter Certificate Requirements ( for those Pilots WITH prior fixed-wing or other aircraft ratings ) **

  • Already hold a Private (or higher) Pilot Certificate
  • Hold a Current 3rd. Class (or higher) FAA Medical Certificate
  • Complete 30 hours Minimum Flight Time Including 10 hrs of Solo Flight
  • NO FAA WRITTEN Exam Required
  • Pass an FAA Oral and Practical Flight Test
** Note: NO Prior Airplane or Aircraft Experience is REQUIRED to Earn a Helicopter License.
See Private Pilot Requirements for details

Estimated Cost: Private Pilot - "Add-On" Helicopter Rating*

NOTES: Hourly rates shown are based on the advance purchase of 10-hour "blocks" of flight training time. Add $10 per hour if training is purchased hour-by-hour. Rates are subject to change without notice. Students may elect to take an outside ground school or study on their own with Midwest's guidance for written exams. Supplemental individual personalized ground instruction (if requested) will be charged at current ground school instructor rates.

* Cost estimates are based on the FAA MINIMUM training requirements. The number of hours any individual may require depends on that person's abilities, personal initiative, desire to learn, outside study, and frequency of training. Based on years of experience in training helicopter pilots, we have found that it takes most students approximately 45-55 hours of flight training to gain the skills and proficiency required to pass the required FAA Private Pilot Practical Flight Test for the "Add-On" Ratings.

Please call or E-Mail us with your specific questions.